what does cocaine feel like

what does cocaine feel like

what does cocaine feel like

What does cocaine feel like it depends on the method of consumption. When snorted, you mainly get a burst of energy/focus/alertness and confidence, Pure coke and also any part of your body which absorbs the cocaine becomes numb (mostly your nasal canal and the back of your throat and roof of your mouth).
As with all stimulants, it’s also a diuretic and laxative. The euphoria is extremely mild, and most people will have a hard time trying to describe what it feels like.

It does enhance your mood a bit more, but otherwise the difference between a line of coke and a strong cup of coffee is fairly subtle. I think when I first started doing coke (by insufflation), I got almost as much enjoyment simply out of the glamorous image and rebellious excitement from doing this forbidden “hard drug.” You want to share the experience with your friends and socialize while going through the ritual of cutting up lines and snorting it with rolled up bills. The stimulant effects last a while, but because the subtle high doesn’t last very long, you end up doing more every 10-15 minutes.

Snorting cocaine is probably more enjoyable if you haven’t done any other recreational drugs aside from weed/alcohol/tobacco before.

However, injecting it or freebasing it (or smoking crack) is a completely different story. Once you’ve tried that, you truly understand the power of cocaine and will likely feel that snorting it is a complete waste.

what does cocaine feel like

Shooting it is the most intense. First you feel this cool/minty-like chill shoot down your spine and through your body (and you can suddenly taste and smell the coke), then you immediately feel this unimaginable rush of pleasure that is better than even an orgasm. It really is like being able to directly activate the pleasure center of your brain at will (but cranked up to 11). Everything becomes brighter as your pupils instantly dilate. And while this is happening (as the cocaine hits your brain) you feel a slight ringing in your ears that rapidly builds up to a deafening roar and then gradually fades.

Pure coke

It’s such an intense feeling of pleasure that it’s instantly obvious how so many people get addicted to it. The physical euphoria is also equally matched by an emotional euphoria. Your life could be in ruins and your future bleak and hopeless, and you would still, in that moment, feel unbelievably happy/content and endlessly optimistic about your existence. Pure coke Unfortunately, even when injected, the euphoria only lasts a very short amount of time, and 20-30 minutes later, you’re going to want another hit to relive the experience.

Smoking crack is slightly different. You can get essentially the same intense feeling of pleasure, but the rush is a bit more gradual, and you have better control of how much you want to consume. So you’re much less likely to accidentally OD on it.

Depending on how much you do, what kind of shape you’re in and how sensitive to stimulants you are, the comedown can be mildly annoying or quite awful. You feel physically worn out/burnt out, and there could be some depression and anxiety, fake money for sale but mostly you’re just wishing you had another hit or at least some kind of downer so that your heart/mind would stop racing and that you could get the much needed sleep you’ve been depriving yourself of.

A lot of users will take an opiate or benzodiazepine as they come down. That usually gets rid of most of the negative effects of the comedown.

pure coke

Pure cocaine is prepared by neutralizing its. what does cocaine feel like, compounding salt with an alkaline solution. which will precipitate to non-polar basic cocaine. Colombia is the main producer of cocaine, but Peru. Bolivia, and Chile also make and distribute significant amounts of the drug.
There are essentially three main steps to making cocaine. After the leaves are harvested and soaked. the base for the powdered drug is extracted through one. of two extraction methods, and the resulting crystallized substance is dried into bricks.
People who purchase cocaine off the street. which is essentially the only option that most users have.  Pure coke, are rarely getting pure cocaine.
The drug is typically diluted with at least one foreign substance. during the manufacturing process to increase profits. and additional substances may be. added at every step of the distribution process. what does cocaine feel like

what does cocaine feel like

For example, what does cocaine feel like, the typical purity of cocaine found in the United Kingdom. in 2012 was less than 40 percent. Pure coke, Some of the substances used to dilute cocaine. like baking soda, are essentially harmless.how much is a kilo of cocaine but other times, potentially harmful drugs. like levamisole are added to the final product.

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