what does a gram of coke look like

what does a gram of coke look like

Tough border patrols and the high cost of importing cocaine into Australia and New Zealand are believed to be the primary drivers of price. what does a gram of coke look like

Cocaine is also listed as being the most expensive commonly used drug in the world.

“Prices vary widely across the world from less than €10 per gram ($15.88) in South America, to an average of €60-80 per gram in Europe to €200 per gram in Australian and New Zealand,” the report reads.

what does a gram of coke look like

“In recent years, the purity of cocaine in Europe has increased, with 60 to 70 percent purity commonly seen in street level deals.”

The report also noted the increase of purity came at cost to user’s health.

“High purity cocaine can lead to an increase in the risk of acute medical harms and possibly higher rates of dependence in the community,” the report states.

“Increased purity is in part due to greater amount of cocaine entering the supply chain, consequent upon diversification and sophistication of dealing networks, including the dark net.”

The survey also asked users how quickly they could gain access to cocaine, with 13.04 percent of Australian users saying they could get the drug within 30 minutes, while 53.9 percent of respondents reported having access to same-day delivery.

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