difference between fish scale and coke


difference between fish scale and coke, fishscale(glimmers in light) compared to say average street quality coke. or just good coke that most users get.

Do that many people even get fishscale quality coke either?. fish scale coke effects, high quality fish scale coke.

Fish scale is the best quality of cocaine.

Some say¬† frequently got “fishscale” coke, sometimes it was better, sometimes it wasn’t. I agree the only way to tell is to do some. Also, if your getting 80-90% pure consider yourself very lucky. how to tell if someone is sniffing cocaine.

Other says Real fish scale is the closest you’ll ever come to uncut yae, it’s pearly-looking. like the inside of an oyster and is in a class by itself when compared to regular, and even good coke.


It is a marketing term often enough. and back when I was into the stuff I bought what was supposed to be fishscale many times.

And thought it was a myth until I did the real thing, trust me it’s like a whole other drug. Like someone said, regular/good stuff can easily be made to look like it, but once you’ve seen/done it you know it.

Most people I know won’t even touch coke unless it’s the VERY BEST shit that you can possibly get. And even then its so expensive its not worth it. On the other hand. one could buy a ball, do all but a gram, cut it up into 3 grams.

sell it at $60 a piece and people still think you’re the best connect around. cocaine fishscale
raw cocaine .

cocaine photo
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